:Demi Lovato ‘is going straight to rehab’ after hospitalization for drug overdose

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Demi Lovato is doing what’s best for her. The 25-year-old singer “is going straight to rehab after she leaves” the hospital following a drug overdose, a source tells Us Weekly.

The insider adds that Lovato “knows she needs to finally get serious help.”

TMZ reports that her family had waited to raise the issue with her after she faced health complications, which led her stay in the hospital to be prolonged as they “did not want to upset her with something that might trigger conflict.”

It’s not yet been said when Lovato will be released from the Los Angeles hospital, and is unclear if the rehab facility she will enter is in California or elsewhere.

The news comes just nine days after the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer was taken by ambulance on July 24 when paramedics found her unconscious at her L.A. home. A source told Us Weekly that Lovato was revived with Narcan — an emergency drug used to treat narcotics overdoses — which a friend had on hand “in case something like this happened.”

An insider later told Us that the Camp Rock alum “had two friends with her at her house that called 911,” and that “they were hysterical when paramedics arrived and Demi was unconscious. But the friends acted very quickly and saved her life.”

Later that same day, a rep for the former Disney star told Us: “Demi is awake and with her family who want to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers and support. Some of the information being reported is incorrect and they respectfully ask for privacy and not speculation as her health and recovery is the most important thing right now.”

Lovato celebrated six years of sobriety in March, but revealed in her song “Sober,” released in June, that she had relapsed.


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