:Shenzhen city makes up half of China’s gaming revenue

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GAMING companies in the city made up nearly half of the country’s revenue in the industry last year, according to the latest market report on the global gaming industry, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday.

Revenue from China’s gaming market has already hit 37.9 billion yuan (US$5.56 billion) this year, leading the world with more than a quarter of the industry’s total revenue worldwide.

In particular, Shenzhen’s gaming enterprises have performed exceptionally well, according to the report. The total revenue of the gaming industry in Guangdong Province so far this year accounts for 70 percent nationwide, with more than 70 percent contributed by Shenzhen’s animation and gaming companies. Shenzhen-based Tencent has the highest revenue from games among all companies worldwide.

The gaming and animation industries are taking up larger shares of Shenzhen’s economy, according to the report. The city is now known as the creative base for animation and online games in China.

Statistics showed that more than half of the profits gained from self-developed online games in Guangdong Province come from Shenzhen companies.

Shenzhen organizes various kinds of online gaming competitions each year, attracting game developers from around the world to compete and gain inspiration in the city.

As the prosperity of the gaming industry increases,  the e-sports industry is also beginning to boom. The e-sports industry combines technology, competition, entertainment and social communication.

According to an industry report, the revenue of China’s e-sports industry in 2018 is estimated to exceed 88 billion yuan.

Shenzhen’s e-sports companies are taking a leading role in the sector nationwide. A game produced by Tencent called “Arena of Valor” will make its debut as an e-sports event representing China’s e-sports industry at the upcoming Asian Games to be held soon in Jakarta.

The animation industry in Shenzhen has also been developing rapidly as the city government has rolled out multiple supportive measures.

The city invests 500 million yuan on supporting creative cultural enterprises and projects each year. Currently, there are more than 100 animation companies and nearly 10,000 people work in the industry.

Shenzhen Daily

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